3 top tips to prepare your garden for winter

People are already well-underway discussing their present ideas and entertainment plans for Christmas – so ’’s certainly not too early to consider some of the practical problems the winter-time can bring. An essential, yet often neglected area at this time is the garden: and it deserves to be addressed.

Why is it important to consider the garden?

pool coping
Unfortunately, many homeowners leave their gardens to face the elements over the winter, and then face a situation in the spring: that the garden is almost impossible to deal with. Waterlogged or flooded surfaces, dead vegetation and frost-damage are just some of the wintry situations which can cause long-term problems. However, if you consider the following points, there are some straightforward preparations you can put down in order to secure your garden against the course of colder weather.

Tops tips to keep in mind:

  • Manage your surfaces – this pre-Christmas period is the best time to quickly and efficiently install important landscaping which will strengthen your outdoor area, both for the winter and will look great in the summer. Examples include border stones and pool coping, if you have a pool or pond, which are a structural necessity and is especially resilient during times of snow and ice
  • Protect your plants – make sure that you have removed any existing growth from beds (and perhaps pot in a shed or available outhouse) and cover any exposed soil areas where possible.
  • Neaten up – if there are any overhanging branches into our around your garden, as well as overgrown foliage, it is essential to trim this if you can, as the weight of water and frost over the winter can cause areas like this to become heavy and hazardous.

A business keen to discuss garden landscaping solutions and bring this to you is London Stone. They provide everything you need to make your garden neat and landscaped to its full potential before winter hits. For more information, you can visit their website directly.

Treating your water right

If you are involved in the water industry at any level, the ultimate aim is a safe, clean and secure supply. This is of particular importance in the approach to spring and summer, as maintaining a stable source becomes essential, especially if the weather becomes particularly dry.

The water industry is flourishing in key areas, with United Utilities investing £120 million in a scheme in Blackburn and Darwen to deal with water. It is a strategic time to both invest and consider options when working with water, including the appropriate certification the SHEA water passport requires.

Considering waste water systems

Whether you are working within wastewater or portable water, it is crucial to consider investment in processes, which may make your undertakings more effective. Wastewater systems are an essential, yet complex issue including:

  • Inlet screening;
  • Disinfection systems;
  • A processing solution which uses best-of-breed technology to allow for efficiency as well as cost-benefit;
  • The appropriate health and safety training for staff, in light of SHEA guidelines;
  • The appropriate chemical dosing and monitoring dependent in your circumstance
  • Having a selection of filter media and making the best choice according to your area;
  • Sustainable wastewater systems;
  • Systems and a service able to operate to the pressurised deadlines of modern life;
  • You also need to consider whether you have all the resources available to deal with a variety of media and circumstance – including sludge holding tanks and drainage systems.

Who can help?

Hardy Services are able to both actively consider the above points and implement them with utmost efficiency. With Over 30 years’ experience across the fields of water treatment and engineering, they are a family-run business expanding rapidly across the UK. Integrity, hard work and efficacy are three key factors of their conduct, and their teams of fully qualified professionals are fully capable of assessing water systems and implementing the right measures for the job.

Having worked with a number of utilities, including United Utilities itself, Hardy Services know how important getting the right water treatment is. With the possibility of offering a design and build package to suit your individual circumstances, they can address the extensive above factors, and many more. With accompanying training for staff, including SHEA hygiene and waste water practice, you can be sure every system will lie in safe hands.

The Importance of High Quality Heating and Ventilation in the Workplace


Workplaces such as factories and warehouses are typically busy and packed, workplaces which need the right type of ventilation in place so everyone can get on with their roles without experiencing discomfort. Be it keeping cool through a blazing summer, or warm during an icy winter, the right systems in place will keep a workforce happy and healthy.

Heating at Work


A ventilation system is required to take in all the heat that may build up, or to remove contamination from things such as fumes and oil mist. To have a ventilation system in place is essential for any businesses that operates under these conditions, and it can be beneficial for everyone involved to have a high quality and cost efficient system in place.

Heating solutions help during the cold winter months, as it can hard working in a cold workspace. There shouldn’t be a need for employees to go to work in extra layers under their uniform, instead the heat system in place should sufficiently provide a comfortable working environment. It’s just a case of finding one tailored for the specific workspace.

For shopping centre, warehouse or factory heating and ventilation systems, Gradwood Ltd have the systems available.

Heat Up With Gradwood Ltd

Gradwood Ltd is a leading UK supplier of heating systems for workshops, factories, garages, hangers, sports halls and shopping centres. Forming in 1966, Gradwood Ltd have a vast amount of industry knowledge to provide the best heating, ventilation and smoke systems in the business, and offer them at competitive prices.

The company assure the quality by designing, installing and maintaining the systems, which are available for industries throughout the country. The machines are also cost effective, making them an ideal long term investment for businesses looking to bring some circulation of heat and air to their warehouses and factories.

To view the full range of heating, ventilation and smoke ventilation systems available at Gradwood Ltd, visit the company’s website today!

Important reasons to ensure your boiler is in tip top shape this February

Souththames Gas

The cold front has been rearing its chilly head over the last few weeks across the UK and in parts of the south there have been a number of reports that the weather is set to get a little worse as we are receiving the brunt of winter and the additional storm rolling in from the US.

So, as you can imagine, the last thing you would want to happen at home during a frosty night or a chilly day is to have your gas appliances or central heating boiler experience problems or suffer a breakdown at a most inopportune moment, would you?

An easy way to cover against any upset occurring during these cold months is to have a reputable expert check your heating and gas appliances. Giving you the peace of mind and guarantee that they are safe and working efficiently, all your worries can be laid to rest with an expert such as South Thames Gas. They operate across many southern regions, offering free estimates on boiler replacements and fair, competitive prices when looking for professional boiler repair services in South London and surrounding areas.

Dedicated to provide a quick and courteous service, the team at South Thames Gas present a thorough spectrum of special services, using their vast knowledge to fix any issue you may have with your boiler. Whether replacing a sensor or fitting a new seal to an internal component, their engineers are each gas safe registered and have a wealth of experience behind them.

Besides the fact that without heating, your home can become cold and characterless, it’s important to maintain your boilers efficiency, not just to save you money on your heating bills, but also to prevent scenarios: such as carbon monoxide poisoning and the risk of a hazard happening. Discover more about their services by visiting their website now or calling the team on 0800 074 7678.

As winter draws in, have you taken the opportunity to service your heating and hot water boiler?


Gas Services London

Although 2014 has been an unprecedented year for what has been some of the best weather we have seen for a while, there are times when we are going to experience the cold and now in November, we can expect it almost any time soon. Heating systems have evolved massively over the years, as have methods of insulating our homes, so when things go wrong, it can turn the normal daily lives of a household upside down.


Showering or bathing, washing dishes, heating homes, we take our boilers and central heating systems for granted and often don’t realise the true extent of how much we rely on them, particularly until the moment they fail. So, for a number of families and property owners across the UK each year, the time for buying a new boiler will undoubtedly come round and often a new purchase will only be that little bit more than repairing a major fault on your existing boiler. Ever more energy efficient and compact, today’s systems are designed to operate far better than what you may have currently heating your home, especially if your hot water and heating system is over 8 or 10 years old.


Many older systems do get serviced but it is a matter of time before a component such as the regulator valve that directs the flow of hot water to your central heating or taps, starts to fail. When something like this happens, the cost for the parts alone can be upwards of a £100 and that is before looking at labour costs. Speedy Gas provides a full array of Gas Services in London, presenting a professional, quick and reliable solution when needing any type of boiler repairing or installing. Contact them today via their website or call 020 8123 9211 and 078 1728 8668 for their mobile.

Keep employees warm this winter with warehouse heating systems

As the cold begins to set in, many of us can simply pop the office heating on or plug in a fan heater under our desks. It’s easy to stay warm no matter how low the mercury goes when working in modern office units. However, if you don’t have the luxury of working within an office environment then staying warm can be a major problem that you will have to contend with or resolve with the installation of efficient and cost effective heating systems.


The complex layout of many warehouses can be awkward and costly at best to keep at an ambient temperature, especially in the UK where temperamental weather can be an issue for many companies who incorporate warehousing into their logistics. The constant moving of stock, incoming goods and despatches mean that access points such as roller shutter doors and loading ramps are being used around the clock. Tackling heating issues and keeping a warm temperature is important in the running of almost any unit, even if it is simply to maintain a comfortable environment for your staff or operatives.


There may be tolerances that need to be met for the particular products being stored in particular warehouses, all of which need to be considered when opting to install a competent and efficient warehouse heating system. Gradwood Ltd is one of the leading industry experts in commercial heating, ventilation, air conditioning and smoke ventilation. With a long running reputation as one of the most respected professionals in the sector, this innovative company holds years of experience in their field and could help you.


Discover a massive range of heating solutions that can be tailored to suit your workplace today by visiting the Gradwood website. No matter how big your warehouse is, Gradwood offer all types of heating, including warm air, radiant and more. They have a selection of boilers and controls to ensure easy operation and control.

24 hour response emergency plumbing from South Thames Gas


Souththames Gas

There are few things as frustrating as an unexpected plumbing fault. Not only is it highly stressful but it can often cost you dearly if you haven’t budgeted effectively for such a situation. However, it’s essential to have breakages and issues addressed as soon as they arise or the costs can quickly pile up, which is why emergency plumbing is such a popular service in this day and age and one that just about everybody will need at some point in time.

Versatile by nature, South Thames Gas are known for providing a great selection of vital services, from gas safety inspections and water treatment to radiators and 24 hour emergency response. Their team of engineering experts, all of whom are CORGI certified, have the experience and skills required to swiftly and effectively help customers in times of need, working around the clock to protect your home or business in times of crisis, as reflected by their growing reputation as London’s top flight plumbing specialists.

Their quality services are fairly priced, ensuring that you don’t spend more than you have when you run into plumbing issues. Their competitive prices combined with their excellent solutions and immense engineering prowess is what makes South Thames Gas the city’s favourite provider of emergency solutions.

South Thames Gas has branches in Herne Hill, Croydon, Clapham and Lewisham, and covers all areas of South London from Richmond to Bexley, Westminster to Croydon. They have a fleet of vehicles and a large team of engineers, meaning that no matter where you are, what time of the day (or night) it is or how busy they are, they can get to where you are in rapid time and fix any plumbing issues.

If you’re in an emergency situation and you urgently require assistance then give South Thames Gas a call and their emergency plumbing in South London team will be with you in next to no time. Simply visit their website and call the 24 hour emergency freephone number now.

Feeling the pinch? An efficiency radiator could help

We’re only in Autumn but already many of us are struggling to pay energy bills because of cold weather and an increased use of our heating. We’d all love not to pay them but unfortunately we do and that’s increasingly becoming a problem because the cost of energy bills are soaring, leaving a lot of people in fuel poverty. You can alleviate your monthly outgoing costs with some sound investments, thankfully.

Radiator Centre Ltd offer a series of radiators called ‘efficiency radiators’ on their website at www.radiatorcentre.co.uk. The radiators are specially created to conserve energy and reduce your outgoings. The company says that efficiency radiators, like double glazed windows and insulation, can cut your bills considerably.

Efficiency radiators start at around £80 – a price that’s hard to believe when you consider that you can save that much from your energy bills in a matter of months once it’s installed. The long term potential for massive savings is obvious. If you’re tired of being taken advantage of by the big energy giants and want to reverse your rising fuel bills why not start fighting back and buy yourself an efficiency radiator or two.


Dealing with a Flood in the Home

Flood and water damage can take a lot of time and money to fix. Flood and water damage can ruin many things on your home. It can get into every room and on any floor like the basement, first floor, and ever the second floor if the water is very high. Water damage can come from a lot of sources, so you have to watch out because it can be from the outside or from inside your house. Water can soak into walls, floors, and many other places which will cause damages to your home. There are a few tips to help you if it happens.

With flood damage you will have to take everything out of the house and have it cleaned and repaired. You will have to call your insurance company to have them put it on record and have them get flood damage repair men to pump, clean, and fix up your house. You will need to turn all the electricity off so they can go in and so they will not get hurt. A big tip is that you have to have flood insurance on your house because home owners insurance will not cover you for floods.

Many people are unaware or misinformed of what their insurance covers, so research what you have and be sure. A huge tip for preparation is having a survival kit on hand at all times in case of disaster. It needs to have the things that you will need like bottled water, radio, batteries, blankets, extra clothes, lots of food, and flashlights. Have a charged cell phone with you at all times so you can get help. Flood and water damage can be catastrophic, but some preparation, insurance, and a dose of knowledge will help you get back on your feet quickly.

With water damage, it is the excess water that causes damage to your home and it can lower the value of it a long with the damage. You need to know what to do if too much water gets on your house and how to deal with the damages. If a lot of water gets in your house, you will need to get everything out so the water will not damage your property. If you have carpet in the room where the water has gotten into, you will have to take out the carpet because water will lock in the fibers. You will need to turn off the water to your home if the problem is a leak so that the problem can be fixed and no further damage is done.

If books, papers, or documents are water damaged, you may have to take them to professionals who are able to restore them for you. Do not try to repair them yourself, because you can do more damage to it, making it harder to fix. You will also have to turn off the water if the water is leaking from your pipes. If you have water damage, the professional restorers will need to remove sections from your home to replace them. They will also have to clean it before bacteria and mold can take hold.