3 top tips to prepare your garden for winter

People are already well-underway discussing their present ideas and entertainment plans for Christmas – so ’’s certainly not too early to consider some of the practical problems the winter-time can bring. An essential, yet often neglected area at this time is the garden: and it deserves to be addressed.

Why is it important to consider the garden?

pool coping
Unfortunately, many homeowners leave their gardens to face the elements over the winter, and then face a situation in the spring: that the garden is almost impossible to deal with. Waterlogged or flooded surfaces, dead vegetation and frost-damage are just some of the wintry situations which can cause long-term problems. However, if you consider the following points, there are some straightforward preparations you can put down in order to secure your garden against the course of colder weather.

Tops tips to keep in mind:

  • Manage your surfaces – this pre-Christmas period is the best time to quickly and efficiently install important landscaping which will strengthen your outdoor area, both for the winter and will look great in the summer. Examples include border stones and pool coping, if you have a pool or pond, which are a structural necessity and is especially resilient during times of snow and ice
  • Protect your plants – make sure that you have removed any existing growth from beds (and perhaps pot in a shed or available outhouse) and cover any exposed soil areas where possible.
  • Neaten up – if there are any overhanging branches into our around your garden, as well as overgrown foliage, it is essential to trim this if you can, as the weight of water and frost over the winter can cause areas like this to become heavy and hazardous.