Different Types of Indoors Fireplaces

When searching for ways to revamp a house, people are provided with a whole range of different options. However, one popular step in which many jump for is the addition of an indoor fireplace. Once deciding that a fireplace is the way to go though, people are presented with an abundance of options – and this is where it can become incredibly difficult. Fireplaces are not only used to heat a home, but also to add style and increase atmospheres, therefore choosing the best one is very important. From gas fires to Edwardian fireplaces, in London alone there’s so much variety. Today we are going to briefly introduce just some of the indoor fireplace types, with the aim to assist in people choosing the most appropriate options…

 Edwardian fireplaces, in London

Wood Burning Fireplaces


There is nothing quite as romantic as a wood burning fire – they are well known for creating the most amazing atmospheres and have even been known to add value to homes. However a wood burning fire isn’t just a wood burning fire – When looking for a wood burning fire there’s a lot of variety to choose from including…

Traditional Open Hearth

Enclosed Fireplace

Fireplace Inserts

Wood Burning Stove

Gas Burning Fireplaces


Gas fires are ideal for those looking to keep running costs to a minimum, in many cases providing larger amounts of heat for smaller costs. They are also easy to install and very easy to use. Again there’s a selection to choose from including…

Direct-Vented Built-In Fireplaces

Ventless Built-In Fireplaces

Ethanol Burning Fireplaces


Ethanol burning fireplaces are becoming more and more popular each day due to their easy installation and contemporary design. It is possible to buy these fires to suit all budget and style requirements. These fires are incredibly more environmentally friendly than other fireplace options and some of the ethanol burning fireplace options include…

Fireplace Conversion

Wall Mounted Fireplaces

Tabletop Fireplaces

Electric Fireplaces


Similar to gas fires, electric fires are incredibly cost effective and easy to install. Not only this but they feature another great benefit – They allow for heating to be turned on and off while maintaining a fireplace-like ambience and can generally be controlled using a remote – this is a great advantage for people with mobility problems. Some are the electric fireplace options available include:

Mantel Electric Fireplaces

Electric Fireplace TV Stands & Entertainment Cabinets

Still Struggling to Decide?


If you are for any reason still struggling to decide which the best fireplace option for you is, we recommend that you visit a fireplace warehouse where you will be able to see a whole range of fireplaces in person. This could aid you in making the most well-informed decision.