Plumbing of Large Buildings

Modern office buildings are constructed using an intelligent design that incorporates hydraulics as part of its plumbing system. Large structures such as offices require more sophisticated plumbing design and system than an ordinary residential house. This is necessitated by greater numbers of building occupants as well as aesthetic requirements to have an excellent facade to impress clients and visitors.


Offices need to have their staff rooms located near a corporate kitchen. This is essential for those late-night emergency meetings. A corporate boardroom is to be situated near the executive comfort rooms to provide convenience. A tearoom with either chilled or boiling water piping should be accessible.

The plumbing system of a large office building with many people working in it requires the services of a full-fledged hydraulics engineer. This way, all water requirements of occupants will be adequately served without compromising aesthetic considerations. Fluid mechanics helps to determine optimal pipe sizes, diameters and placements through use of liquid flow measurements. It can also help to integrate the recycling of grey water and heat from hot water to reduce overall fuel costs. .